Owner Of Division Clothing co Corey Kuhling
Well Jon is the Interview guy but I was really boerd the day I talked to Corey so I decided to ask him a few questons about Division Clothing co.

What made you decide to start a clothing company?
- I saw lot's of rider owned companies going up everywhere, though i would give it a try. Also help everyone out by providing a sick line of clothing a decent prices

How many people are involved in Division?
- Right now it is a tag team effort by myself and Lee Dennis

What kind of clothing have you already had printed?
-We've got a few different T-shirt designs, a Hoody, and some 3/4's out right now, oh yeah and some toques

Any plans for some different stuff in the future?
-We've got allot of plans, this summer you should see a lot of rad stuff from us, keep an eye out for the flex fit hats

Can you get a price list for all the shirts that you will have for sale this year?
-Well, i can't say what it will be this summer for sure but it will probably be close to what it is now
 T-shirts - $20
 Hoody's - $40
 hats will probably be going for 20-25 dollars but that's not for sure

(Editor's note: I [Kenny] am terrible at interviews so I decided to fill up space by adding some personal questions in this interview.)

How long till you get your license?
- Being born in December is a severe kick in the jimmy's, I'm sure you can relate, so I should be getting it in August if all goes well

Name of the last girl you got a phone number off of?
- You slut, you had to ask me that didn't you

How many girls are you working on right now?
- One I guess but apparently she isn't down which kinda sucks, i'm currently trying to get off girls and spend more time on things such as my bike and Division but its not working to good

Favorite saying for this week?
-You don't even no how many sayings we have in the falls, its crazy we can have a whole conversation that will make complete sense to us but you wont have a clue what's going on, a popular one this week is "the
bruno" but there's a whole story behind that and I won't get into it now, You'll have to come down and ride with us to experience it first hand.

Band of the hour?
- That would probably be "The Ataris" they rule, check out the song "Road signs and rock songs"

Thanks for your time. Anyone you would like to send some thanks and hellos out to?
-Mostly I would just like to thank everyone who's supported Division, wouldn't be here without you.