- IMPORTANT!              Very Local Street Jam! For more info     Click Here

- I want to go to B3 ASAP!!!!! Call me and we will go. I have Tuesdays off so I plan on hitting it every Tuesday and Sunday possible.

- B3 is open now! Weekdays 4 - 7 and weekends 12- 7 weather permitting.

- There hopefully i solved the problem to the site goign down all the time! If it continues to happen e-mail me and let me know, thanks.

- Dan's new video is up, its lots of the same footage only edited diferently. Click Here.

- Ken's video clip is up now too check it out. Click Here.

- Jon Frye got hosed, plain and simple. Check out the Articles page to see what I mean, Poor kid.

-Have you checked out the LITTLE DEVIL site lately? Check out the  News section with the part about the IBMX kids and Lee Denis.

-Check out the Articles for a little deal about the Toronto Bike Show 2003.

-Click on this to see what I have been messing around with lately. This and This One Too


Toronto Bike Show is on Febuary 28th to March 2nd.
If you want more information click on this pretty picture.

-There will be a dirt jumping contest at the Toronto Bike Show as well.
There is online registration at this link so if you wanna enter click here.

-The next Public Skate Park meeting at 7:00 pm on February 19th (Wednesday) at the Russell Ave. Community Center. This is also a really good time to bring your money to buy a Random Radness tape. Hurry get yours while supplies last.

-Check out the Crew page to see a clip of Dan.

-We got it Finally! CLICK HERE to see the Random Radness Trailer

-We got to session the Winniger Park on the weekend (January 11th & 12th ) although it was cold it was a damn good time. Look for Rich and Dave on the Crew  page in a while.

-St.Catharines public skate park meeting at 7:00pm on January 29th (Wednesday) at the Russell Ave. Community Center, See ya there.

-CCB's Jon Frye has finished the first CCB video, and its pretty cool. Random Radness will be available to anyone who wants one for only 6 or 7 bucks. Rumor has it that there gonna be looped tapes too. What a deal, a local video for cheep with longer tape life! WOW.

-Link to veiw Random Radness trailer coming soon

-My Dreads are gone, be ware they will make a come back.

-St. Catharines Public Park is gone.

-X-Up is gone.

-I have dreads now.

-St.Catharines has a public park.

-Skate parks are open go to them.

-They may all live in the sticks but the guys from the Fenwick area are blowing up! They have got a mini ramp now and they've been riding it soooooo hard that its already in dire need of repairs! Reason I keep putting exclamation marks is because I just got back from there and it was awesome. Any way that's all I got, Shout outs to all the guys in Fenwick who haven't been charged with some hanis crime. (that doesn't leave too many of them)

-If anyone has the e-mail address for Terrible One please send it my way, thanks K.O.

- Its Tuesday... Yes my day off, Guess what its doing? RAINING!!!!

-We speak Vegetarian.

- Its Sunday, its raining. Why? Because its Everyone's day off. That's why.

- I have a Music down loading program called KAZA, my computer is slow and it keeps crashing when I use this program but its pretty cool. Its the same as Morpheous and allows you to get virtually any song that you want. So go get it and piss of all the record labels and singers!

- Apparently the background on all the pages was purple... I have recently found out for sure now that I can't distinguish between black and dark purple. My bad guys, sorry about that one. Keep me updated on the color scheme and how it works out on everyone else's computers.

- Looks like Mitch and myself are the only two that want to have a site going. No one else seems to be sending stuff in. Jon Frye has some things on the way but he is taking his sweet ass time.

If you have news then send it in.